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YouTube channel promotion

We will make a precise portrait of your target audience and attract the targeted traffic!

Ads on YouTube will increase the number of your followers, the number of comments, your channel will appear in recommendations.

of the YouTube

According to the official blog of youtube.com
  • #2 platform

    by attendance in the search engines in the world

  • 70%

    of viewers have made a purchase after watching a YouTube content

  • 23,2 hours

    on average are spent by a user to watch YouTube content per week

  • 25+ %

    of all mobile traffic belongs to YouTube

  • 2+ billion

    of people, which is almost ⅓ of all internet users

  • by 40%

    the number of channels, whose income is more than $10k a year, increased

Who are YouTube ads
useful for?

  • Marketologists and brand-managers

    Make your brand more recognizable and popular in 3-6 months with the help of a strong channel for promotion and brand’s communication with the target audience

  • Entrepreneurs and owners

    Increase the value of your business and trust for it by promoting your personal brand on Youtube


Start your YouTube promotion right now!

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We will launch the advertisement in 24 hours!

Price: $ 300

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Our experts

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    Olga Nadberezhnaya

    Co-founder of the DA YOUTUBE agency

    • Olya can combine a lot of tasks and roles as a Nescafe 2 in 1

    • Olya’s 3-year experience in YouTube channels’ promotion gave 100 million views to the agency’s clients.

    • Olya’s stress resistance is enough for a few countries. In 5 years of working in production she has organized shoots in and out of Ukraine.

  • expert photo

    Aleksandr Nadberezhnyj

    Founder of the DA YOUTUBE agency

    • Not one creative product can slip through his fingers

    • Sasha is able to work with the team of specialists, who will bring your ideas into life. He discerns between professionals and “professionals”. And he knows where to find good directors and cameramen

    • He is sad only in one case: if he needs to work on a non-creative task

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